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2019 Webinar Series - Call for Submissions

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The Camber Outdoors webinar series is a cornerstone program providing leadership development to a network of aspiring leaders in the active-outdoor industries. Our audience consists of professional-level women in companies that comprise the active-outdoor industries (e.g., Snow, Bike, Run, Outdoor, etc).  Our webinar attendance ranges from 85-150 participants and attendees come from the United States and Canada. Participants come to the sessions expecting to learn specific skills and tools that will help them be more effective in their current roles and to build the capability to advance in their careers. Many organizations supplement their internal learning and development programs with the Camber Outdoors webinar series. Several companies use the webinars as an opportunity to bring women (but not only women) together in a conference room for learning, Q&A, and additional development. 

Benefits to You:

If you are selected to present, Camber Outdoors will promote the webinar in our general membership newsletter (distributed to more than16,000 industry employees), in our social media, on our website, and at our in-person networking events (called Camber Exchanges). 


Selection Criteria:

Not every application will be selected to deliver a webinar. We will review applications and evaluate them based on the following criteria:

  • The connection of content to building/creating/supporting equitable workplaces
  • The relevance of your content to the audience
  • Examples, case studies, and or best practices
  • Actionable next steps
  • Speaker qualifications

Terms and Conditions

Please note, if you are selected to present/facilitate a webinar, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Any application that is selling or promoting a particular product or commercial service will not be accepted. (You may mention your name, current organization, a summary of your expertise, and location. However, you may not make any offers of services, discounts, etc. of any kind during or after the webinar.)
  • We will not provide a list of attendees, but we will gladly share your contact information for those that want to reach out to learn more.
  • Camber Outdoors and its Sponsor may record your presentation and this may be used, for example, as a downloadable file on the Camber Outdoors website.
  • Camber Outdoors will not compensate you for your time preparing for or delivering the webinar. However, upon request, Camber Outdoors can provide you with an in-kind donation form for your tax purposes.